EPQ Spaces is an online management system which allows staff to easily manage the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) in schools and to keep students on track. Our online system guides students through the whole EPQ process and completes the required documentation, whilst allowing you to monitor student progress easily.


Help your students develop independently.

Students can record notes, manage their resources, and use time tracking features within their EPQ Space to enhance their methodologies and generate bibliographies and Gantt charts to aid their work. This keeps their resources all in one place.

On EPQ Spaces, students fill out their Production Log's online which can then be exported into the exam board's required format when completed.


Challenged with keeping track of all students work?

Supervisors can view a "Breakdown" of each student's progress towards the completion of their Production Log on the system and ensure they are progressing in the right ways. Our system will help you organise your reports, and to keep feedback and comments left for students up to date.

Keeping everything in one place makes EPQ Spaces your one-stop-shop for keeping track of anything EPQ related.


Make your job less daunting.

As a co-ordinator, you have an overview of all the supervisors on EPQ Spaces. Our system offers the ability to filter your reports by supervisor, leave internal verification and marking comments to other supervisors, and manage the system completely.

Keep all your EPQ resources in one place, with our resource upload features and post deadlines to specific groups all through EPQ Spaces.

EPQ Spaces is now only £99 per school year for unlimited users.
Get in touch today to find out how we can help your students succeed whilst making your life easier.

   Frequently Asked Questions

Does EPQ Spaces take backups and will we need a machine running in our school?

How secure is EPQ Spaces?

How can I login to EPQ Spaces?

Will it be straightforward to export and save student work at the end of the process? Can work be exported at any time?

Can supervisors lock pages so that students can no longer adapt them?

Will only the current version of a document be available or can students access previous versions? (if they mess something up)

As students exit EPQ Spaces, will they be reminded to save their work?

Will supervisor documents such as the record of marks be hidden from students?

Does EPQ Spaces have any form of resources section/journal/communication means?
As a school, will we need a separate location not on EPQ Spaces to share resources with students?

If you have any queries about EPQ Spaces, get in touch with us, we don't bite!

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